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Prism launches new document management system

ARGUS International, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the PRISM Document Management System (PDMS) which utilizes Web Manuals’ cloud-based application to assist operators with the ongoing maintenance of their aviation manuals.

When aviation operators need revisions to be made within their manuals, all an operator must do is provide PRISM with the revised manual content. Once PRISM experts receive these updates, revisions are made and forwarded back to the operator for approval within a few business days.

PDMS provides the ability to link manual content to Specific Federal Aviation Regulations such as Part 135, IS-BAO, ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAH, IOSA and more, assuring documents are updated as standards and regulations change over time.

“We are always interested in creating greater value for our customers, and with the utilization of Web Manuals, PRISM is proud to offer customers a simplified approach to editing and maintaining their aviation manuals,” said Joe Moeggenberg, Founder and CEO of ARGUS International.

Martin Lidgard, founder and CEO of Web Manuals, says: “We are very proud to work with the well-regarded and trusted PRISM team to offer this joint solution for Part-91 and Part-135 operators. Operators will benefit from the expert support of the PRISM professionals in the preparation of their company manuals while making it simple and cost-effective to share operational knowledge across their organizations and onto iPad-enabled flightdecks.”