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NBAA: Presidential Inauguration Plans in Place for Traffic at Washington-Area Airports

Presidential inaugurations historically generate large increases in air traffic headed to the Washington, DC area. Although this year’s Jan. 20 inauguration is expected to generate significantly lower volumes than in years past, a heightened security presence is expected, beyond that for recent inaugural events. If your business plans will take you to the Washington, DC area around the inauguration, there are a number of things to expect.

Washington Dulles International (IAD) Departure Slot Requirements

  • At this time, departure slots will not be required for aircraft departing Washington Dulles/IAD in the Inauguration Week surrounding, Jan. 20.
  • Also not required, but highly recommended, is that flight operators make a reservation with their FBO of choice.
  • Reservations will keep airports apprised of volume and additionally serve possible added security protocols if a higher state of restriction is implemented.

Washington Dulles International (IAD) Parking Plans

  • Most, if not all, parking will be accommodated at the FBOs. Any needed overflow will be handled by utilizing the holding blocks nearby. Closed runway parking is not expected.

Other DC Metro Area Airports

  • All area airports are likely to see reduced traffic demand compared to years past.
  • NBAA strongly recommends that aircraft operators who are planning to go to the inaugural event, contact their FBO of choice and make a reservation to both ensure that parking is available, and to receive advance instructions on any additional security or parking concerns.

Temporary Flight Restrictions

Temporary Flight Restrictions similar to the State of the Union events can be expected in the Washington, DC area during the extended inauguration weekend. TFR NOTAMs will be published well prior to this event.