Premier Aviation responds to widened charter demand from the entertainment sector

Premier Aviation, the leading music tour air charter specialist, is looking forward to broadening its entertainment clientele in 2023.

With live music events continuing to stage a significant comeback post pandemic, the latter half of 2022 saw the Hunt & Palmer Group company handle 30 band tours.

Building on its success facilitating travel for both local and global music tours, it is also moving into charters for the film sector.

Premier is attending Pollstar Live! this week in Los Angeles, the premier global conference event for live entertainment professionals.

Hosted by Pollstar Magazine, it brings together tour managers, artist managers, promoters and agents.

“Timing for this event is terrific,” said Paul Kindred, Business Development Manager at Premier Aviation, acknowledging “the level of demand we are seeing, especially for Europe, North and South America music tours, is high.” 

Paul returns to familiar territory at this conference.  He joined Premier from the music industry, having worked with major record labels including Sony Music, Arista and A&M Records.

Krissy Kerwin joins Premier Aviation as Country Manager

Premier recently expanded its US team with the arrival of Krissy Kerwin as Country Manager.  Detroit, MI-based, Krissy brings nearly 20 years’ aviation experience in corporate flight departments and latterly with a US legacy airline.

Working alongside UK-headquartered colleagues, including Chairman Jeremy Palmer; Paul Kindred and Broking Manager Lizzy Templer, Krissy made her debut with Premier at last month’s NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers in Nashville, TN.

With nearly 30 years’ charter experience, Premier Aviation is well versed in designing bespoke itineraries for tour managers.  Year on year, Premier facilitates many of the top grossing tours.

Its services include planning flight itineraries, determining best aircraft types, selecting charter airlines and private jet operator partners, as well as liaising with airports and trip planners for complex routings.

It works with US and European charter airlines and business aviation providers.

Premier Aviation is proud to have successfully facilitated over 250 music tours.  European music tours typically peak in summer months through to October. The Middle East is prolific in winter months and Premier is starting to log more requests for Saudi Arabia, now the Kingdom is opening up.  SE Asia is also a growing market, noted Paul.

“Charter enables flexibility, as well as the ability to use airports which don’t have scheduled services, often conveniently located as close as possible to a music venue. The timesaving it affords enables artists and bands to fulfil gigs in a different city every other day, if not every day, which keeps fans happy.  Private charter assures reliability and artists’ privacy, as well as providing precious time to relax in between gigs,” he added.

“We work hard as an integral partnership with tour managers to see every detail is covered.  The appointment of Krissy, as a dedicated conduit for our US clients, is a good start to the year.”