Part 135 Charter Operators Form New National Association

A new voice for the private aviation industry has launched with the formation of the US Private Aviation Association (USPAA).

A national membership organization devoted exclusively to the Part 135 private air charter industry, USPAA will play a vital role in helping the nation’s charter air operators shape the aviation landscape across America.

“USPAA aims to elevate industry standards, foster cooperation, and drive progress as a dedicated voice for Part 135 private air charter operators,” said USPAA Chairman Dann Standard of Bravo Air in Augusta, GA.

“It is our priority that we advocate for fair regulations and policies that promote safety, growth and innovation in our industry.”

In 2020, charter air operations accounted for more than 11,000 aircraft in America’s skies and played a substantial role in the general aviation’s $47.4 billion impact to the American economy as reported by the FAA’s Economic Impact of U.S. Civil Aviation.

“As we continue to climb out of COVID’s economic dip, we anticipate significant growth in private aviation beyond pre-pandemic levels in the coming years,” Standard added.

USPAA has been created to provide a platform for charter operators to connect, share insights and engage in collaborative efforts to support and grow the charter air industry.

“We knew from day one that an organization like USPAA could bring operators together to meet common goals and address common issues,” said founding board member Chuck White of Hera Flight in Clearwater, FL.

“We now have a dedicated voice that is focused exclusively on Part 135 operators. That is what we need for advocacy, collaboration and innovation in the private air charter industry.”

With more than 1,800 private air charter operators across the nation, USPAA focuses exclusively on the charter air industry.

“We formed USPAA because we recognized the urgent need for an organization dedicated to our unique challenges and opportunities as private charter air operators,” said founding board member Erik Neiderman off STA Jets in Orange County, CA.