Paragon Aviation Group’s Strategic Partners Welcomes Bevi

Paragon Aviation Group has announced that Bevi has joined as Strategic Partners, their exclusive vendor program that offers a variety of aviation-related services and products to their Paragon Preferred customers.

Bevi designs smart water coolers for commercial spaces that provide filtered, flavored, and sparkling water on-demand.

Bevi offers two solutions, The Standup 2.0 and The Countertop, designed to meet the needs of any space.

In addition to a variety of flavors, Bevi offers enhancements including Immunity (a blend of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals) and Caffeine. Additionally, as internet-connected water coolers, the machines are able to automatically monitor inventory and notify a technician when it needs to be serviced or is running low on certain flavors.

Internet connection also enables touchless dispensing, allowing users to control the machine via their phone with no app required.

Bevi’s mission is to change the beverage supply chain from the inside out, offering a more environmentally friendly method for providing high-quality beverages through technological innovations.

Since its founding in 2013, Bevi machines have displaced the waste of over 300 million plastic bottles and cans, and each machine saves an average of 30,000 bottles per year.

By providing quality, flavored water in the spaces people frequent most often, Bevi machines significantly reduce the amount of single-use bottles and cans used across North America.

The Strategic Partners work transparently to provide competitive pricing and span several product and service categories. Current vendors include Aero Law Group, Aircare International, All Weather Inc. – an ADB SAFEGATE Company, DBT Transportation Services – an ADB SAFEGATE Company, Embracing Luxury Travel, FlightBridge, GGT Worldwise Secure Chauffeured Services, Immaculate Flight, JetASAP, JetSet Media, Logo Owl, Lowcountry Aviation MRO, Polaris Aero, Safeair Media, Skyplan Services Limited, SpectrumFX, and Torn Ranch.

There are three package options for vendors to choose from all receiving consistent communication with thousands of individuals in their target market.

The Basic, Starter, and Enhanced Packages all include brand visibility on two websites, tradeshow recognition, access to customized monthly e-newsletter coverage and so much more.

A dedicated website, www.paragonvendors.com, also helps gain more exposure.