Nomad Technics performs C-check on a head of state Airbus ACJ320

Nomad Technics Airbus 320AJC C-check

Nomad Technics has recently completed a C-check on a Head of State Airbus ACJ320 aircraft.

During this large maintenance event which was undertaken on the Airbus ACJ320 by Nomad Technics at its Basel/Switzerland facility, the scheduled inspection saw a thorough examination of the aircraft’s primary and secondary structures.

In addition the work included the implementation of Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives as well as inspection and modifications to the aircraft’s systems.

Cosmetic and functional cabin repairs were performed to improve the passenger’s experience during flight.

This included also the thoroughly testing and rectification of the in-flight entertainment system.

Functional and operational tests of all aircraft systems concluded the maintenance job.

Despite multiple findings the aircraft was returned to the very satisfied customer on time.

Thomas Gierlich, CEO of Nomad Technics says: “The successful completion of this C-check on the Airbus ACJ320 is another great milestone for Nomad Technics and will enable us to further enhance our capabilities to offer and execute maintenance services not only on Airbus but also on a variety of other aircraft types.

“We are very proud of our Airbus maintenance teams and the entire organization behind it who have been performing extremely well.

“It will be our great pleasure to welcome owners and operators of Airbus aircraft at our Basel/Switzerland facility to demonstrate our highly skilled VVIP aircraft maintenance and bespoke aviation services.”