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Nomad Technics completes a scheduled maintenance and modifications on a Boeing BBJ

Nomad Technics has successfully completed a scheduled maintenance and modifications on a Boeing BBJ.

The company performed scheduled maintenance tasks on the Boeing BBJ and at the same time completed a number of modifications on aircraft systems.

These included the installation of a Quick Access Recorder, the replacement of a water heater with a different, more efficient unit and the relocation of an infrared sensor.

All of these modifications were accomplished through custom design and engineering resulting in EASA modifications approval.

They all add to an increased operational efficiency and an enhanced passenger experience.

To further freshen-up the appearance of the aircraft’s cabin Nomad Technics’ engineers and mechanics refurbished seat and credenza leather items and touched-up the woodwork of cabinets and furniture.

The aircraft was handed-over at the agreed ground-time to a fully satisfied customer.

“We are proud that the flexibility and dedication shown by our team allowed us to incorporate these modifications during the scheduled maintenance work thus not extending the agreed ground time planned for the event”, says Christian Sacker, the company’s Director Quality, Safety & Compliance.

Thomas Gierlich, Director Maintenance Sales of Nomad Technics, adds: “Besides the maintenance and modifications work performed on the aircraft, the cabin team did an amazing job to freshen-up the aircraft’s interior.”