NBAA continues to battle Santa Monica airport closure with court filing

Earlier this year, the NBAA urged a federal appeals court to legally void a deal between the FAA and the city of Santa Monica, CA, which will allow the city to shorten the runway and provides the option to close the Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) after 2028.

NBAA has now recently filed a complaint in court to continue to fight against the deal and the potential closure of SMO.

The full document, obtained by EVA online, can be read here.

In it, the NBAA, along with other groups and businesses with an interest in SMO, file the complain against a representative of the FAA.

An extract reads: “Plaintiffs National Business Aviation Association, Inc., Santa Monica Airport Association, Inc., Wonderful Citrus LLC, Bill’s Air Center, Inc., Kim Davidson Aviation, Inc., and Redgate Partners, LLC, by and through their undersigned counsel, bring this action against Daniel K. Elwell, in his official capacity as the Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), and FAA, seeking a declaratory judgment and injunctive relief holding that FAA acted beyond its statutory authority in releasing the City of Santa Monica, California (”City” or “Santa Monica”) from the requirement that it operate Santa Monica Municipal Airport (“SMO” or “Airport”) in conformity with specified obligations to the federal government (“Releases”).

The dispute continues.