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NATA’s new brand reinforces mission as aviation business advocates

Since its founding in 1940, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has stood for professionalism, action, and partnership in aviation with its mission to provide a voice for aviation business, advocate for the unique needs of its members, and protect an essential industry.

Incorporating these principles, the organization has updated its branding and shortened its name to reinforce its mission and reflect industry growth and advancement.

NATA, pronounced as one word with a long A, is committed to empowering the safety and success of aviation businesses. The new bold, unique lettering, along with its trademark blue and orange, represents an industry that goes well beyond the United States.

With its expertise and deep connections, NATA proactively advocates for its members’ interests, delivering progressive, effective, competitive business advantages wherever they are located.

“Throughout our 83-year history, NATA has witnessed and celebrated our industry’s resilient, innovative, forward-thinking, customer-first, and mission-focused nature,” said Curt Castagna, NATA President and CEO.

“Our new look demonstrates the forever-forward movement of the industry and our members, rising from the foundation of our rich history.

“We are excited to highlight our contributions to our members’ success and role as industry connector through our new brand.”

The NATA brand evolution will be carried throughout its family of services, including the industry-leading Safety 1st, Sustainability Standard, NATA Insurance Programs and others.

Each mark signifies unity, progress, and continuous improvement. The main NATA wordmark is now directly incorporated with each product, expanding its primary color palette from black, white, orange and blue, to include green on the Sustainability Standard sub-brand.

The tagline “On the Ground, In the Air, At the Hill,” describes its commitment to advocacy in all phases of aviation from safety training to governmental affairs, policies, and regulations. NATA allows members to tap into leading resources and a far-reaching pool of experts, creating relationships and partnerships that build businesses and secure success.

“We look forward to continuing to serve as a strong reflection of our industry and a catalyst for progress and safety for decades to come as we foster connections and help our members grow and succeed,” Castagna said.