Miami Air International Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

On March 26, 2020, Miami-based charter plane carrier Miami Air International filed for Chapter 11 Reorganization and bankruptcy protection due to coronavirus-related losses, prompting concerns from the Florida legal community that Miami Air will evade financial accountability for a major plane crash last year.

In May 2019, Miami Air Flight 293 crashed into the St. Johns River with nearly 140 passengers on board, many of whom were veterans and active service members returning to Jacksonville from the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay. Many passengers were severely injured in the crash, which has largely been attributed to pilot error, poor weather, and improper aircraft maintenance.

When airlines fail to perform essential maintenance checks and meet basic safety standards, these companies can be held civilly liable for passenger losses in the event of a plane crash. Because Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection allows a company to re-organize its assets and operations, it is possible that Miami Air Flight 293 crash victims may see a shortened timeline for their injury claims. If the company is forced to shut down, victims may never receive compensation for their life-altering injuries.

Nationally recognized for high-stakes aviation accident litigation, the attorneys at Spohrer Dodd are currently representing at least 20 plaintiffs involved in the Miami Air Flight 293 incident, and they are also accepting new cases related to this plane crash. At this time, Spohrer Dodd invites anyone with a claim to come forward and review their legal options, to ensure that victims can seek fair recovery.