MGL is pioneering refuelling with sustainably produced fuel

Mönchengladbach Airport

Mönchengladbach Airport (MGL) is announced to be the first airport in Germany where Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) will be available throughout the day.

Refuelling is carried out by the local aviation services company Rheinland Air Service (RAS) – with the exception of the very first refuelling, which was carried out today by NRW Transport Minister Oliver Krischer.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is currently the fastest and most promising way to reduce aviation’s CO2 emissions.

Compared to kerosene from fossil sources, SAF is up to 90 percent less carbon-intensive over its entire life cycle.

The fuel can currently be used in aircraft with a blend ratio of up to 50 percent. Aircraft and engine manufacturers around the world are working to ensure that the use of pure SAF will be permitted in the future.

Aviation fuel from the circular economy

The SAF at Mönchengladbach Airport is provided by the multi-energy company TotalEnergies.

The sustainable aviation fuel is produced from waste and residual materials from the circular economy (e.g. animal fats, used cooking oils) and then mixed with conventional aviation fuel, with the SAF content then being 35 percent and thus being able to be used directly in all aircraft engines without any further special approvals.

SAF is already offered at other airports in Germany, but not continuously.

Oliver Krischer, Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, initiated the first refueling of an aircraft with SAF at the MGL today at the push of a button on the apron refuelling system.

He said: “Air traffic must also become climate-neutral. That is why we support measures and projects that enable flying without fossil fuels.

“Electric drives play just as much of a role in this as the use of SAF.

“It is groundbreaking that Mönchengladbach Airport has now created the possibility of refuelling aircraft with SAF. This is an important step towards making flying more climate-friendly.”

The aircraft will be refuelled by the Mönchengladbach-based aviation services company Rheinland Air Service (RAS).

Johannes Graf von Schaesberg, CEO of RAS, said: “As the European dealer of Honda Aircraft and Daher Aircraft, Rheinland Air Service has committed to using SAF on all HondaJet ferry flights and demonstration flights by RAS.

“The same applies to Daher’s TBM and Kodiak aircraft.”