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Mesinger Jet Sales Team Joins IADA

Mesinger Jet Sales, led by well-known private aircraft broker and company founder and CEO Jay Mesinger, has joined the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA).

Located in Boulder, Colo., and operating internationally, Mesinger has been in business nearly 50 years.

“Jay has created a series of information tools, regularly speaks on important industry topics, and has penned articles in various aviation publications for decades,” said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling.

“Most importantly Jay Mesinger has a global reputation for personalized, transparent service that is consistent with the best traits of IADA dealers everywhere — dealers who lead our industry with integrity,” Starling added.

“Mesinger Jet Sales’ entire team of resale experts sticks to the highest standards of professionalism in representing our clients’ interests, and our core values work well with those of our colleagues within IADA,” said Mesinger.

“We support IADA’s continuous commitment to strengthening our industry’s focus on transparency and integrity in every deal.”

Mesinger Jet Sales has been in the business of buying and selling aircraft for clients for nearly 50 years.