MEBAA 2018: SEA Prime announces new Milan VVIP services

Italian firm SEA Prime announced new VVVIP services at Milano Linate Prime and the next opening of the brand-new Milano Malpensa Prime B&GA terminal at Malpensa in June 2019.

SEA Prime, part of the SEA Group, is the sole manager all airport infrastructures dedicated to Business & General Aviation, both in Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa.

In 2019, at Milano Linate Prime will open additional VVIP-dedicated lounges, for a total of 3,200 sqaure foot of stylish new areas offering passenger and crews total relax and maximum comfort before boarding their flights.

In October 2018, Milano Prime has started a partnership with Worldwide Group, a leading company offering limousine services. Founded in 2000, Worldwide Group is committed to high-level standards thanks to its prestigious fleet, including two Maybachs, and carefully selected multilingual drivers.

Milano Linate Prime has been attracting an increasing number of customers: over 16,700 B&GA movements in the first nine months of 2018, up 2.1% compared to 2017. This figure confirms the leading position as first B&GA airport in Italy and fifth in Europe.

“In the past few years, Milano has climbed rankings among the most visited European cities not only for business reasons but also for cultural and leisure ones,” said SEA Prime’s general manager, Chiara Dorigotti.

She added: “The next project is the brand-new B&GA terminal of Milano Malpensa Prime opening in June 2019, where we expect to attract also a significant number of customers from the Middle East landing at Milano Malpensa with direct first-class services from Dubai and other cities in the Gulf. Infrastructural investments proceed also at Milano Linate Prime, where new hangars will be built from 2020.”

Milano Malpensa Prime’s new terminal will be a brand-new building, a 15,000 square foot polyhedron characterised by high-quality finishes for common spaces and private lounges, offering passengers and crews a relaxed atmosphere with refined furniture and design lightings.

Dedicated control and security filters will complete the offer. In addition, the new terminal is adjacent to a 54,000 sqaure foot hangar, which is already operational, to host latest generation executive jets and a dedicated apron.