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MEBAA 2018: Jet Set X launches

Jet Set X has launched at MEBAA in Dubai this week announcing the appointment of Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X as aircraft of choice and JETEX as an official FBO for the Middle East.

Jet Set X is an exclusive members only club, which was launched at MEBAA to provide best-in-class services for seamless travel experiences.

Jet Set X chief executive officer (CEO), Asad Rahman said, “The members club in each major city is strictly limited to 120 members only with membership for a period of five years. This allows for exclusivity and premium service associated with private travel.”

Jetex is recognised for delivering flexible, best-in-class service to their elite clientele worldwide providing exceptional FBOs, aircraft fueling, ground handling and global trip planning.

Jetex president and CEO, Adel Mardini added: “We are very happy to be the exclusive FBO for Jet Set X clients. This marks another milestone recognizing our outstanding service.”

The member can choose to either share a flight (which takes the cost of flying private to a totally new price point) or take the whole aircraft to themselves (which is significantly more cost effective than normal charter due to a new dynamic pricing model).

The Jet Set X program has been designed for those who fly first class on a regular basis, and would like to enter private aviation, and also for those who are looking for cost effective private travel.

It is far more cost effective than what is currently available in the market and it is highly exclusive, with limited numbers of membership available. Jet Set X will be launching both its clubs in Dubai and London this month.

Additional benefits include members with the privilege to access a Private jet faster, enjoy bespoke gourmet catering. Business travelers like to travel quickly and avoid slow security checks, arduous boarding procedures and waiting for transfer passengers – flying private jet eliminates the hassles related to flying and Jet Set X membership privileges guarantee members a seamless travel experience.