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MARSS, Northrop Grumman and MSI-Defence Systems Limited demonstrate CUAS counter measure application

MARSS Group today announces that in collaboration with key partners it has successfully demonstrated new capabilities of the NiDAR CUAS AI Command and Control system, a world first in disabling UAS and drone threats. The solution, designed to protect against life-threatening unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) was activated at a private testing facility in Arizona, USA. The jointly conducted exercise saw impressive results, leading to great excitement amongst partners.

The demonstration confirms the full physical and software integration of the MARSS NiDAR CUAS technology with hardware and systems from its partners Northrop Grumman and MSI-Defence Systems Limited to detect, track and engage a hostile UAS. Led by MARSS, the companies showcased the new generation of layered countermeasures that provide a 360 degree arc of protection, at ranges from 250m to over 15km, protecting against current and emerging airborne threats.