Man crashes Citation into house following assault arrest

Source: The Toronto Sun.

A man in the US state of Utah has died after crashing a Citation jet into his own house following a domestic assault charge in which he was released after posting bail.

Experienced pilot, Duane Youd, crashed the plane into his house in the small hours of August 13.

It is believed that Youd had some experiencing working a pilot for a aid company.

The Citation 525 was registered to the man’s employer, it is not known if he was authorised to fly it.

According to local police, Youd and his wife had been drinking and had got into a dispute in which witnesses state Youd assaulted her.

Youd flew the plane from Spanish-Fork-Springville Airport, 15 miles north of his home.

After flying the aircraft directly into the house, his wife and daughter were able to escape without serious harm.