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Major investors expect first commercial eVTOL passenger routes to be operational by 2026

Horizon Aircraft

Global investors are anticipating the first commercial passenger routes of electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft to be operational in the next few years as the Future Air Mobility market continues to advance rapidly, according to new global research from New Horizon Aircraft Ltd., doing business as Horizon Aircraft reveals.

Its global study with senior executives at leading investment firms in Japan, the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia responsible for more than $1.787 trillion assets under management reveals increasing optimism about the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market with two in five (40%) investors stating they think the first commercial UAM routes will be operational by 2026, and 11% believing that the first commercial flights could be as early as 2025. Only 4% of professional investors believe the debut date for commercial passenger routes will extend beyond 2030.

The anticipated progress in the eVTOL market and investors’ confidence to set ambitious timelines for the successful integration of small, highly automated aircraft in urban airspace requires careful navigation of a complex regulatory landscape, overcoming technological hurdles and the need to address any public concern over safety.

The global study reveals that nearly all (96%) professional investors agree that the growing demand for better and more efficient transportation systems across the world, combined with the need to reduce the environmental impact caused by more vehicles on the road and advances in technology improving the safety and viability of eVTOLs, will drive improvements in the regulatory framework for the market over the next five years and ultimately fuel substantial new investment into the sector. Only 1% of investors did not agree that overcoming any potential obstacles would inevitably see increased investment in the eVTOL market. Three percent were unsure.

The main factors concerning the eVTOL market that will need regulation highlighted by professional investors are Information and Communications Networks followed by Air Traffic Control and Security.