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magniX launches Samson its latest battery product

magniX, the company powering the electric aviation revolution, today announced the launch of Samson, its new battery line.

magniX Samson batteries have been designed for aviation and industries or applications that require high levels of performance, safety, and reliability.

Samson batteries will be certifiable under aviation regulations, while delivering industry-leading energy density, unmatched cycle life, and patented safety features.

Combining the Samson batteries with magniX’s flight-proven electric engines provides customers with a fully optimized and integrated electric powertrain for aerospace.

The magniX Samson300 is the first in the battery product line and has a design focused on maximising energy density for greater range and larger payloads.

Key features of magniX Samson batteries include, energy density of 300 Watt hours per kilogram (Wh/kg), battery cycle life of over 1,000 full-depth discharge cycles to reduce operating costs, patented safety technologies, including cell level protections from thermal runaway and ability to store batteries for long periods at zero charge, fast aircraft turnaround time, with active on ground cooling during charging, and the option for passive cooling in flight, minimizing weight and complexity in the aircraft, integrated power electronics and distribution system for better power management supply to the propulsion system, modular battery architecture to power larger aircraft and allow for simple replacement.

magniX Samson batteries have been developed with the benefit of magniX’s extensive experience in electric flight, advanced engineering, and software capabilities.

Samson batteries provide a safe, practical solution for battery electric and hybrid electric aircraft.

Designed for ease of integration, they are also ideally suited to power helicopters and eVTOLs, as well as for use in applications beyond aerospace, such as powering marine craft.

Ben Loxton, VP of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and the NASA Electric Powertrain Flight Demonstration (EPFD) Program at magniX said: “magniX’s Samson batteries represent a breakthrough for magniX and electric aviation.

“With unrivalled energy density, cycle life, and safety features, magniX’s Samson batteries will help to unlock the tremendous potential of electric flight – enabling many eVTOLs and electric programs on the edge of viability to become viable.”

Reed Macdonald, CEO of magniX said: “We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary battery technology to the world of electric aviation and beyond.

“With the development of our Samson batteries, magniX can now offer customers a fully integrated electric powertrain, and it’s just the beginning.

“The roadmap to an energy density of 400Wh/kg or more is looking very promising. The future of flight is here, and it is being powered by magniX.”