Magellan Jets CEO named as vice-chairman of Air Charter Safety Foundation

Source: The Boston Globe.

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) recently announced Joshua Hebert, Founder and CEO of Magellan Jets, as the new ACSF Vice-Chairman.

Joshua Hebert joins a board of directors comprised of industry thought leaders and influencers at the ACSF with a common vision of continuously improving the levels of safety and security for everyone.

The goal is to continue to set the bar for a single, elevated, and uncompromising level of safety that every operator should aspire to attain and every passenger and crewmember should come to expect.

The exciting announcement comes in the midst of an already historic year for Magellan Jets as they celebrate their 10-year anniversary in 2018.

Joshua has been an invaluable member of the ACSF Executive Committee and Board of Governors,” said ACSF President Bryan Burns.

“With his knowledge and experience as a leader in the aviation industry, he will continue to support and promote the foundation’s ongoing risk management programs.”