Lynx FBO acquires Napa Jet Center and hires Carrie Campbell

Lynx FBO Network (Lynx), a portfolio company of The Sterling Group, announced today that it is acquiring Napa Jet Center, the premier general aviation service provider in the Napa Valley.

The acquisition of Napa Jet Center will mark Lynx’s seventh acquisition since inception and second this year, and represents another opportunity for Lynx to invest significant resources towards developing a best-in-class fixed base operator (FBO) facility with industry-leading service ratings.

Lynx plans to execute significant investments in the Napa facility, including the design and development of a world-class FBO campus reflective of the FBO’s role as the gateway to the Napa Valley.

Lynx is also pleased to announce the hiring of Carrie Campbell to serve as the General Manager of Lynx’s newest FBO location in Napa.

Carrie previously worked with the Lynx management team while at Landmark Aviation where she served as general manager for the San Diego FBO. In addition to managing the general aviation operations at one of the busiest single-runway airports in the country, she successfully oversaw the onsite construction of the world-class FBO facility completed there in 2014.

“Lynx management is thrilled by the pending acquisition of Napa Jet Center and excited to once again work with Carrie Campbell.

The partnership between Lynx, the Napa aviation community and industry veteran Carrie will result in dramatic investments in, and improvements to, our customers’ aviation needs in and around Napa,” stated Tyson Goetz, a Partner with Lynx.

Lynx is a rapidly growing network of FBOs in the general aviation industry with locations in Destin, Florida, Minneapolis (Anoka), Minnesota, Portland (Aurora), Oregon, Little Rock, Arkansas and soon Napa, California.

The Lynx team is comprised of industry veterans who have worked together building FBO networks over many years, serving in management roles at numerous large FBO networks including Landmark Aviation, Atlantic Aviation and Trajen. Over the course of their careers, Chad Farischon, Tyson Goetz and Matt DeLellis have purchased and integrated over 50 FBOs, as well as managed marquee locations including FBOs in Aspen, Teterboro and Miami.

Greg Elliott, a Partner at The Sterling Group, has been involved in building several FBO networks in the past fifteen years, including roles as the Chairman of Encore and Trajen, and Board member of Landmark Aviation. Lynx and Sterling continue to actively seek FBO acquisitions in North America.