London Southend Airport launches aerops app for ‘quick and easy’ GA payments

General Aviation (GA) pilots flying in and out of London Southend Airport can now make cashless payments from the comfort of their own cockpit with a new smartphone app.

The payment app, aerops, will give pilots the freedom to make “quick and easy” payments for using the airport, “no matter where they are.”

Pilots can pay for all GA activity – including touch-and-go’s, circuit training, landing fees, fuel bills and more – without leaving their aircraft.

Management Account Julia Archibald said: “[Pilots] don’t have to come in to pay, they will now pay from a smartphone or tablet at their own convenience – either by using the aerops app or a QR code without extra registration.

“They no longer need to visit or phone our Jet Centre to make payment and can instead save time by paying online. It’s certainly reduced my workload!”

Daniel Steinhauss, aerops CEO, added: “Since the launch of the digital payment solution, London Southend Airport is already ranked number one in England with the most aerops users.

“The team at London Southend is doing a great job! It’s really impressive how well pilots are adopting the app to pay airport charges.”

By entering their aircraft registration and movements, aerops will then automatically calculate the appropriate charge, before prompting pilots to make a contactless payment online.

This change from payments in person, or payments over the phone, demonstrates London Southend’s commitment to evolving alongside the demand for quicker, more efficient systems. Both are still accepted.

Julie said: “We’re able to recognise where we don’t do as well for our GA customers and what we need to improve upon – this was one of those areas.”

The introduction of the aerops app, Julie added, shows that London Southend is “keen to make changes for our customers and move forward with the latest technologies.”

Private charter flights must still pay by contacting London Southend Jet Centre.