KinectAir announces the launch of their empty leg marketplace

KinectAir, the digital platform that’s opening the skies and delivering the convenience of on-demand private air travel to more people than ever before, has announced the launch of their empty leg marketplace, a leading-edge air travel solution that enables flexible travelers to experience the luxury of private flights at a fraction of the traditional cost.

In addition to its standard service, KinectAir now delivers repositioning flights—when planes are empty and relocating geographically—in a new way, through the power of AI-backed advanced air mobility software.

KinectAir’s empty leg marketplace allows customers to see all options from a range of operators, so they can plan spontaneously in ways never before possible.

The AI tool helps travelers put together roundtrip flights to places they want to go instead of dealing with the inflexible, needle-in-a-haystack empty leg searches of the past.

With KinectAir, travelers can view and book repositioning flights as they become available, choosing an affordable one-way or roundtrip adventure.

Empty legs go fast, so users can sign up to get alerts for new legs on routes they are interested in.

Picking up an empty leg could let a party of three fly private from Phoenix to Palm Springs one-way for just $233 per person—enjoying all the hassle-free conveniences and attentiveness of direct, private travel, helmed by experienced professional pilots.

With a simple tap, customers can link two available KinectAir flights to create a round trip. For example, eight could fly between Spokane and Vancouver—and back home—for just $410 per person.

These are real examples pulled from the empty leg marketplace for flights in December, 2023; costs will vary based on repositioning availability and number of persons flying. Signing up for alerts for routes you are interested in is the best way to catch an empty leg before it is gone.

KinectAir combines empty legs from different operators to create a round trip. A customer can find roundtrip flights that work for them by seamlessly taking an outbound empty leg from one operator and returning on an empty leg from a different operator’s schedule.

KinectAir gives customers more ways to use different operators’ empty legs, making the possibilities more appealing.

“The way KinectAir manages repositioning flights is an industry-first, bridging the gap between private air travel and affordability and signaling a shift in how we perceive and access destination flying,” said Ben Howard, co-CEO and co-founder of KinectAir.

“This is the ultimate tool for flexible and spontaneous travelers, truly democratizing private flights, making them as accessible as booking a car and as affordable as commercial air travel. Everyone should experience the convenience of private air travel and the joy and wonder of stress-free flying.”