Jung Sky adds a third CJ2 to its fleet

Croatian business aviation operator Jung Sky has boosted its operations with another Cessna 525A CJ2 aircraft and now has three CJ2s in the fleet.

The aircraft registered 9A-JSE was “water-saluted” upon its arrival to their home base in Zagreb after which it has been added to the company’s AOC and commercial operations on 20 April 2023.

The addition of 9A-JSE is a huge step for Jung Sky, one that will have a significant impact on their fleet’s availability as well as generally provide a major boost to the company on all operational levels.

The next step, happening as a direct result of adding one more jet to its flight operations, is strengthening the team.

Over the next couple of months, Jung Sky plans to add eight new people, including five new pilots, one person in sales, one in operational control centre and one in accounting.

If everything works out as planned, the operator should soon have more than 30 employees, the most they have had since the company’s inception in 2009.

“The goal is to be 100 percent ready for July, August and September, the busiest period in business aviation”, says Capt. Kresimir Jung, the company’s co-founder and one of Jung Sky’s captains.

“We now have one more jet in our fleet which elevates the dynamics and tempo of everyday operations and the cross-department communication. We are excited to welcome new colleagues.”