Jung Sky adds a certified Part-145 organisation to its service portfolio

Croatia-based business aviation operator Jung Sky has lots of reasons for contentment looking back at 2022.

They added a certified Part-145 aircraft maintenance organisation to its service portfolio and they achieved Year-on-Year growth in every major flight operations column.

They have also joined the Air Charter Association.

“At this moment, our MRO team at LDZA Zagreb Airport can meet any line maintenance requirements for jet types Cessna 525, 525A and 525B,” says board member, co-founder and one of the captains Kresimir Jung.

“Since Jung Sky’s inception in 2009, the company has been ‘burdened’ with the necessity of outsourcing aircraft maintenance so one of our goals for the future is to in-house maintenance activities for our own fleet as much as possible.”

This will, Jung continues, have a significant effect on the company’s fleet availability, overall expenditures and plans for 2023 and 2024.

“Next steps include providing line maintenance for third parties and establishing base maintenance at LDVA Varazdin, Croatia.”

As far as their core business is concerned, Jung Sky has done great in the past year achieving YoY growth in revenue, number of flights with passengers, flight hours with passengers, the number of destinations covered and the number of clients who chartered flights from them.

“The stats really put a smile on your face, especially when you see the growing number of our clientele,” states Capt. Jung.

“We had a total of 191 different contractors, mainly private jet brokers and concierge agents, from 33 different countries.

“With the two jets in our fleet, we have performed almost 600 passenger flights, which is a 11 percent increase vs 2021 and we’ve covered 196 destinations.”

For Capt. Kresimir Jung, keeping the momentum going is imperative.

“Each flight is unique and each day is different so you cannot sit back and celebrate the good numbers for too long,” Capt. Jung concludes.

“We are very excited about the months ahead, we have a lot going on in all fronts so hopefully we will share some growth-related news again very soon.

“Also, we are very happy to have joined the Air Charter Association and we tend to utilise our membership as much as possible.”