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Joby, ANA Holdings partner with Nomura real estate development for Vertiports in Japan

Joby Aviation, Inc., a company developing an all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for commercial passenger service, has announced it has partnered with ANA Holdings Inc. and Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. (“NRE”), one of Japan’s largest real estate developers, on the development of take-off and landing infrastructure, known as vertiports, to support the commercialization of its electric air taxi service across Japan.

The three companies plan to jointly explore the design, location, operation, and financing of vertiport locations that will serve as the backbone of future commercial air taxi services in Japan.

The partners will primarily focus on locations in the metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, expanding over time to include numerous urban areas across greater Japan.

Joby recently became a technical advisor to the Tokyo Bay eSG Project, led by NRE and sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which will demonstrate various multi-modal mobility solutions including a floating landing port in the Tokyo Bay.

The partners will also work with a wide range of local stakeholders to introduce the benefits of the technology and support community acceptance of air taxi services.