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JetSmarter introduces fortnight trial for new travelers

JetSmarter announced yesterday that all new registrants on JetSmarter.com will receive the option to book two private flights at JetSmarter member prices, which will be valid for 14 days.

The company stated: “This offering will allow new travelers the opportunity to experience JetSmarter’s service and allow them to save an average of $750 on their first two flights with JetSmarter.

Travelers will be able to choose from any of the flights posted in the app, create a flight along JetSmarter’s existing routes or charter a flight to any destination on the globe and share it with other fliers, or keep the flight completely private.

Travelers can book either via JetSmarter’s website or through the mobile app.”

“As we continue to democratize the private aviation industry, many travelers will see that flying private is becoming more convenient and accessible than commercial aviation itself,” said Mikhail Gaushkin, Chief Revenue Officer at JetSmarter. 

“Our business model allows us to provide our travelers with private jet services at extremely low costs, and through this offer we’re encouraging jetsetters to try the experience for themselves to feel the real difference between commercial and private aviation.”