JetClass launches new AI-driven marketplace and app

JetClass has announced the launch of its industry-first AI-driven platform and app. answering the question: How much does a private jet cost?

Ludwig Waldmann, the COO of JetClass, “JetClass fills a crucial gap in the market by inspiring journeys beyond the jet.

“We recognize that the private aviation sector is ripe for innovation, and our job is to propel it forward with tech-driven excellence.

“We are the first B2C private jet charter sourcing and booking platform directly linked to private jet operators.

“Our mission is to make private jets as easy to book as a conventional airline ticket.”

Beyond facilitating access to instant pricing and seamless booking for private jets, JetClass integrates sustainable practices to ensure eco-friendly air travel.

Through its platform, JetClass is optimizing the utilization of empty-leg flights, significantly reducing the number of empty flights.

“We are gradually shifting the perception of private flying. Not just making it more accessible but also encouraging customers to adopt more eco-conscious travel habits.” Rooted in its core values – client centricity, sustainable leadership, and innovative excellence, JetClass is paving the way for the transcendence of private aviation.

“We’re not just in pursuit of innovative excellence; our future-focused simplified approach fosters a culture where client delight is the standard.”