Jet Luxe Receives Argus Rated Charter Broker Certificate

Jet Luxe has announced that it has received its ARGUS Charter Certificate – an internally recognized standard of operational and safety excellence.

This milestone offers Jet Luxe’s buyers, investors, and passengers around the world confidence in their decision to partner and fly with Jet Luxe.

Gabriel Madrid, CEO, Jet Luxe, said, “As we continue to rapidly expand, our commitment to service, safety, and operational standards are unwavering.

“Achieving certification with ARGUS is a huge achievement for the team and reflective of our legitimacy and relentless commitment to excellence.”

The ARGUS Charter Broker Program provides end-consumers and aircraft operators with unbiased, factual, and relevant data necessary to make informed and confident decisions every time they participate in a charter flight facilitated through a charter broker.

This is consistent with the ARGUS Gold and Platinum rating program for charter operators.

As an ARGUS Certified Broker, Jet Luxe completed an intensive and rigorous quality review.

To complete certification, Jet Luxe voluntarily submitted operational documents and signed The Air Charter Association pledge.

The ARGUS Registered and Certified Broker Program aims to address the lack of regulation by allowing professional air charter brokers a recognised and respected mechanism to inform aircraft operators and charter consumers of the operating standards they adhere to.

The certification indicates that Jet Luxe, as a charter broker, meets or exceeds the standards independently set by ARGUS.

The quality analysis is the business aviation industry’s most respected, unbiased, and detailed third-party charter broker analysis.

The program is the only rating system in the business jet charter sector that uses a proprietary algorithm to score each operator based on their fact-based historical incident and accident information.

Madrid said, “We understand that our clients are discerning and savvy – they make use of data and various quantitative and qualitative metrics to make informed choices.

“Our ARGUS certification provides assurance of our legitimacy as a charter broker and ensures unbiased, independent due diligence is in place.

“Paired with our Forbes Service Standards of Excellence, our clients can benchmark our service and move forward with confidence in the knowledge that we are safe, reliable, and independently quality verified.”