Jet Aviation now authorized by Airbus for jet completions in Basel

Jet Aviation’s Completions Center in Basel has received approval from Airbus Corporate Jets for the ACJ350 XWB. The Completions Center has a long history of partnership with Airbus Corporate Jets. Jet Aviation has delivered 23 VIP Airbus cabins since 2000.

As the latest addition to Airbus’ family of VIP wide-body corporate jets, the ACJ350 XWB approval reflects the history of technological innovation at Jet Aviation’s Completions Center and is an important step enabling the company to support owners and operators of the Airbus ACJ350.

The facility in Basel is one of the leading wide-body aircraft completions centers. It has successfully delivered 23 VIP Airbus cabins since 2000, from the ACJ319 to the ACJ340-600.

In particular, the Center specializes in new-generation composite aircraft such as the Airbus ACJ350 XWB. With the help of Airbus’ proprietary Easyfit concept, Jet Aviation’s Completion Center in Basel can integrate a cabin without the need for complex and costly airframe modifications.

“This service expansion demonstrates our commitment to investing in new aviation technologies and to maintaining the highest quality standards,” says Neil Boyle, SVP Completions at Jet Aviation.

“We are ready and pleased to welcome ACJ350 XWB owners and operators here in Basel with our wide range of wellknown first class services.”