Jet Aviation Completes New Hangar in Scottsdale, Arizona

Jet Aviation announced today that is has completed construction of a new 18,000 square-foot hangar at its FBO in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The company continues to invest in infrastructure across their U.S. FBO network.

The completion of Jet Aviation’s 18,000 square-foot hangar brings the total hangar capacity to 88,000 square-feet.

“Scottsdale has grown to be a key location in our FBO network, and we are pleased to open the doors on another new hangar there,” said David Best, Jet Aviation’s SVP of regional operation and general manager of the Americas.

“We are seeing high demand for business aviation hangar space, and we look forward to the opportunities this build will provide for our customers.

“Investing into this key location is a priority for us and will enable us to continue offering a seamless experience for all who use Jet Aviation Scottsdale.”

Jet Aviation continues to execute multiple build projects in the U.S. to grow its base tenant capacity and offer modern facilities and amenities for customers.

Jet Aviation entered Scottsdale in 2020 as part of its U.S. expansion strategy. In addition to this investment, Jet Aviation is on track to complete a 40,000 square-foot hangar at its Bozeman facility in July of 2023.

In Houston, the company is in the process of rebuilding their 30,000 square-foot hangar and renovating their FBO lobby space.

The FBO is set to be finished in June 2023 and the hangar in the fourth quarter of 2023. Additionally, the company recently completed the refurbishment of their Teterboro FBO lobby.

“We are committed to investing into all of our locations in order to provide the highest standard of safety, quality and service to our customers,” shared Richard Layson, vice president of regional FBO operations in the Americas.

“While Scottsdale, Bozeman, Houston, and Teterboro are key locations in our FBO network, we keep all of our facilities on a refurbishment cycle to ensure that each one of them represents the exceptional services that Jet Aviation provides.”