Jet.AI announces AI-powered jet card with empty leg benefit

image credit: Jet.AI

Jet.AI Inc., a private aviation and artificial intelligence (“AI”) company, today announced that Jet Card holders are expected to benefit from a new source of private jet inventory.

The new source of inventory is Reroute AI, the Company’s proprietary AI powered empty leg tool.

Each time a Jet Card customer requests a trip, it is now cross-referenced with thousands of empty legs from hundreds of operators to find simulated alternatives.

The new trip may then be offered to the customer for a substantially lower cost than their fixed hourly Jet Card rate.

Mike Winston, Founder and Executive Chair commented: “Jet Card customers can now take advantage of AI to score a Reroute and save money.

“Empty legs rarely align with customer needs but reroutes often do. A reroute is a slight tweak to the flight plan of an empty leg that is booked at a price in between an empty leg and a new charter.

“Our Reroute AI software identifies opportunities, suggests a price to the operator, and allows for a smooth rerouted booking.”