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Summer 2019

On the cover, under the leadership of charismatic Chairman John Matthews, AirX has found success through a unique variety of aircraft and an unusual approach to the charter business. Frequently offering more for the same price, it also has the means to offer more in every sense of the word – few charter aircraft match its VIP A340 in people and weightlifting capability.

Industry heavyweights Benoit Defforge and Mark Burns also join us for this issue. President of Airbus Corporate Jets, Defforge brims with enthusiasm for the ACJ320neo Family, while Erik Scheidt, CEO and Chief Pilot at K5 Aviation is eagerly awaiting entry into service of the ACJ319neo ¬– K5 is taking the first aircraft and Scheidt was on board for a record-breaking endurance trial on 26 March.

Meanwhile, Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream Aerospace, is thrilled with the G500 as it begins proving itself in service, expressing real pride in the technology and precision engineering embodied in the latest Gulfstream products. Nonetheless, in a very frank interview, he delivers a surprising response to the question: ‘Which is your favourite Gulfstream?

This Summer 2019 edition of Executive & VIP Aviation International takes us once again to the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva. Several of the aircraft on display will have arrived over the weekend from a European Business Aviation Association Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuels Initiative event at TAG Farnborough Airport.

Widely supported by the aircraft OEMs, the event will have seen them burn sustainable fuel on their way to Geneva, bringing competitors together in an effort where the industry at large realises it must keep trying and has to do better.

Often a show of firsts, in recent years EBACE has brought us the launches of Airbus Corporate Helicopters and AVIAÂ, both offering products the industry hadn’t really seen before. Last year we saw the spectacular unveiling of Bombardier’s Global 5500 and 6500 jets, while hullo Aircrew launched its online crewing platform rather more quietly.

Nonetheless, in the 12 months since, it has increased its membership by more than 200% and attracted investment from Jet Aviation. As Edward Cousins, hullo Aircrew’s Director of Business Operations tells us in this issue, it’s a pretty fine result for a start-up.

This year, F/LIST has a first with its new vinyl tile flooring product, bringing new versatility to a traditional material. And that’s really what Scott Group Studio is all about with its custom carpets too, exemplified by its latest Escala collection. Both companies embody business and VIP aviation at its finest, combining traditional craftsmanship with the highest levels of technology, and with customer service always the central theme.

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