Autumn 2023

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Autumn 2023

All being well, printed copies of this Autumn 2023 edition of EVA should be available on the NBAA-BACE show floor in Las Vegas and you've already picked up a copy.

It is therefore fitting that we should feature several North American companies, Airhawke, Avfuel, Camber Aviation Management, Citadel Completions, Gogo, NICHOLAS AIR, Sherwin-Williams and West Star Aviation among them. But business and VIP aviation is a global industry and where a company has its headquarters frequently has little bearing on the service it delivers.

Prime Trip Support, subject of our cover story, is an excellent example, with its global presence based on a committed team of staff and Prime Select vendors. Euro Jet is another company with worldwide reach, providing flight support through its dedicated expert team.

We’ve also attempted to pack a cross-section of the industry into this edition. If ever you need an example of the diversity in capability, people and roles in business aviation, then hopefully this magazine will do the trick.

Thanks to Chadi Saade, VP Commercial and acting President of Airbus Corporate Jets, we have an update on ACJ’s latest developments, while Gogo President Sergio Aguirre enthuses over a near-term future when Gogo will deliver 5G air-to-ground connectivity alongside OneWeb-powered Gogo Galileo.

Elsewhere, NICHOLAS AIR Founder and CEO Nicholas Correnti provides thoughts on the industry and how the company has subtly evolved post-Covid, while West Star Aviation’s Sharon Klose, Director, Satellites/MRT and Engines, discusses the company’s surprisingly long reach when it comes to helping customers with an AOG. Finally, returning to that theme of diversity, Matt Jayne, Bell’s Product Marketing Manager, reveals the company’s extensive corporate and VIP helicopter capability.

On a personal note, some of you may already have been surprised or even offended when I haven’t recognised you in person. There’s every likelihood that even if we ‘met’ during a recent video call I won’t remember you. So, if you see me in Las Vegas, please do say hello and remind me who you are. I’ll be more than happy to have a chat and explain myself.

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