Update on Emteq

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EVA: EMTEQ has recently done a considerable amount of work developing solutions for the whole cabin that have a unique way of working together. What has this involved and what are the benefits?

RB: Our product portfolio has evolved considerably since EMTEQ was founded as an entrepreneurial start up specializing in avionics provisions and engineering. Today we are a global company with a range of cabin solutions that we are able to tailor to meet our customers’ design and technical needs.

Most recently, we have developed digital cabin solutions that work together to deliver a harmonized cabin experience. Our solutions run off of digital signals making them synergistic in nature. This translates to easier wiring, simplified integration, more intuitive control of the cabin environment, and broader capabilities for cabin systems such as cabin power, lighting systems, and IFE for example.

An example of our harmonized solutions is best shown through a recent project we worked on to install our full eConnect™ Suite of Solutions for a European business aircraft operator. This installation was unique in that it shows the full breadth of our harmonized cabin solutions working together. Cabin Control by eConnect ™ was used to control our QUASARII mood lighting, with passengers able to use their Personal Electronic Devices as the remote control. Wireless IFE by eConnect was used to upgrade the cabin to new HD monitors while a Router by eConnect™ was used to ensure that the passenger’s electronic device will have internet access. At the same time, our cabin power solutions ensure that their devices will remain charged throughout the flight. We are able to complement this type of installation with our engineering, integration, and certification capabilities.

EVA: EMTEQ has added a number of global locations and partnerships over the years. What have been some of your more recent developments globally?

RB: Over the years EMTEQ has continued to grow our global reach. We have recently expanded our European customer service center in Bachenbülach Switzerland to be able to react more quickly to customer requests and to provide better support to projects internationally. We have also expanded strategic partnerships such as the agreement with Air Works in India that was signed in March of this year. Air Works is a leading provider of aviation services with some 15 maintenance locations in India. This agreement will see Air Works integrating EMTEQ’s cabin electronics into future upgrades for both executive and commercial aircraft.

The state-of-the-art facility built for Air Works in Mumbai now gives Indian owners and operators the option of having world class interiors done locally that they did not have in the past. EMTEQ’s goal is to offer our lighting and cabin solutions worldwide without sacrificing our entrepreneurial principles of local service and support that our customers have come to expect from us.

EMTEQ has also formed a number of partnerships to pre-integrate our solutions. For example we have been working closely with Satcom1 to round out our offering for our Router by eConnect ™ solution. This works with Satcom1’s AvioIP advanced software suite that allows access to high speed connectivity for email, internet, and smart phone operation in flight. It also provides unique features such as Swiftbroadband Channel Aggregation, User Management, VPN and other features tailored to the needs of specific end users.

EVA: EMTEQ has done a lot of work developing products that enhance the cabin. What has the take up been like from airframe OEMs and after market completions houses?

RB: EMTEQ treats each part of the aviation industry differently. We understand there are differences in these segments, and internally, we divide our teams for a specialized focus on each market in order to give them the individualized attention required. Based on the specific needs of each customer type, we have dedicated specialized teams for Business Aftermarket, Airframe OEMs, and VVIP completions.

Our strategy has always been to develop products to meet needs in the market. Our customers are comfortable coming to us to develop solutions for their customers’ needs. They know they can come to us and say “Hey, our customers are asking for X what would it take to get it for them?” and with our engineering capabilities, and understanding of the differing needs in both VVIP and Business Aviation we are able to develop new solutions. We fully understand all the facets of their program. We believe customers come to us because we understand the technical specification, integration, engineering, and certification that is involved in these complex projects.

An example of a customer coming to us for a specific need is a recent project we began working on with Greenpoint Technologies. We have a very long standing relationship with Greenpoint, going back nine years, during which we have supported them in installing LED lighting for completions of Boeing VIP aircraft. For this project, Greenpoint had a need for white lighting for a Boeing 787 completion that operates directly off of 115VAC wild frequency. Thanks to our strong understanding of the requirements of this aircraft, we were able to offer Greenpoint a digital cabin lighting solution that combines both white and full spectrum mood lighting. This simplifies integration and the solution provides a broad range of intuitively controlled capabilities.