UAS LinkEvolution

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UAS International Trip Support is using the EBACE show as launch platform for its LinkEvolution connectivity product, the new addition to the Evolution Suite.

UAS International Trip Support has chosen EBACE 2017 as launch platform for UAS LinkEvolution. The company describes it as “… a powerful communication technology that provides seamless global connectivity to the cockpit and the cabin using powerful datalink satcom networks.” It joins UAS FlightEovlution as the latest addition to the UAS Evolution suite.

​Compatible with all current satellite networks, LinkEvolution offers a comprehensive set of cockpit and cabin functionalities that UAS says “… ensure crew and passengers are always connected throughout their mission.”

​Working with the latest avionics systems, LinkEvolution enables crews to send messages, uplink flight plans, review weather data, synchronise aircraft health data with ground stations and participate in advanced navigation initiatives, including controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC).

​On a wider scale, LinkEvolution’s datalink capability delivers worldwide, unlimited VHF and satellite ACARS services, including AOC and ATN messaging for all avionics types; notably, it also ensures complicity with all current and future avionics mandates. Cockpit communications are further improved through provision of global telephone connectivity via any satellite network, including safety services.

​In the cabin, passengers benefit from a

range of internet, fax and telephony services. Multiple internet and Wi‑Fi options become available based on a variety of satellite technologies, while faxes can be sent and received by onboard machines – automatic fax detection will be supported. Also available across all satellite networks, LinkEvolution promises high-quality telephone connectivity with one-number and fleet dialling support. Data compression and acceleration technologies ensure data-intensive tasks are completed as efficiently as possible.

​UAS completes the LinkEvolution offer with: “… 24/7 worldwide technical support through a network of industry-leading engineers and technicians,” and promises access to unlimited datalink communications over all VHF and satellite networks “… with no ‘per kilobit’ charges or satellite premiums, for a fair price with no hidden fees.”


UAS only launched the first Evolution Suite component, FlightEvolution, at NBAA last October. A mobile and desktop app aimed at pilots and dispatchers, UAS FlightEvolution enables complex flight planning, with weather checking and aircraft performance calculation functions. It also improves situational awareness in flight and therefore sits comfortably alongside LinkEvolution to provide a near-complete inflight data and connectivity solution.