Summer 2023

The Agusta Brand


Leonardo’s VIP rotorcraft brand, Agusta offers an exclusive range of world-class helicopters and the unique AW609 TiltRotor, all supported by AGUSTA FOR YOU maintenance and service packages

With a fleet of more than 900 helicopters carrying out a range of passenger missions including private and corporate transport, charter, scheduled services and VIP/government transport, plus a stable 45% share in the VIP multi-engine market over the last ten years, Leonardo is the global leader in the sector.

As recently announced during the world’s largest helicopter industry trade show – Heli-Expo 2023 held in Atlanta, Georgia – the success of Leonardo’s offer for the VIP/corporate transport market has grown further in Latin America with sales of three helicopters to SynerJet Latina, a new distributor responsible for Colombia, Peru, Chile and Paraguay. SynerJet Latina, together with Sloane Helicopters for the UK and Ireland, and Kaan Air for Turkey, are the first exclusive distributors for Leonardo VIP helicopters leveraging the exclusive Agusta value proposition.


Italian style
The launch of the Agusta VIP brand in late 2021 confirmed Leonardo’s commitment to provide its private transport rotorcraft customers with aircraft of distinction and to stay at the forefront of the sector, with the fastest helicopters delivering the latest technology and highly customised solutions and configurations, all with inimitable Italian style.

The AGUSTA FOR YOU service and maintenance package for private operators is an integral part of Leonardo’s VIP offer. Already selected by several customers around the world, it provides a turnkey, complete coverage solution. Developed specifically to meet the needs of corporate rotorcraft operators, it increases aircraft availability and reduces inventory costs, while optimising expenses by covering scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of airframe, avionics and other items.

The AGUSTA FOR YOU plan is available for all Leonardo helicopters and offers the possibility for on-demand annual interior refurbishment, coverage of entertainment systems (parts and troubleshooting), unscheduled engine events (with guaranteed performance) and an engine loan service.

For customers who choose Leonardo facilities for their helicopter maintenance, the AGUSTA FOR YOU service plan provides premium services including assistance in leasing a ‘replacement’ aircraft while the customer helicopter is in maintenance, fuelling arrangements, cabin cleaning service and direct ramp access when maintenance hangars are on a commercial airfield.

With the aim of progressively extending the availability of AGUSTA FOR YOU across the global Leonardo service network, selected Leonardo helicopters Part 145 maintenance centres will be refurbished over the next two years with Agusta-branded sections, bringing premium services closer to VIP clients in key markets including Europe, the Americas, South Africa and Australia.


The Agusta portfolio
Leonardo’s VIP helicopters provide cutting-edge solutions, featuring Italian craftsmanship, advanced technologies, bespoke design and a high level of comfort.

AW119Kx: The fastest and most powerful single-engined helicopter, the AW119Kx offers a unique combination of cost-effectiveness, high speed and flexibility. With its spacious, comfortable and elegantly appointed cabin, tailored to customer requirements, the AW119Kx offers more space than any other single-engined helicopter on the market. It comfortably accommodates up to six passengers and has a large, separate baggage compartment.

AW109 Trekker: The latest multi-role light twin-engined helicopter, the Trekker guarantees superb utility through outstanding performance, payload and cabin space. Its flexible, large and elegantly designed cabin comfortably accommodates up to six passengers. The helicopter is equipped with rugged skid landing gear, a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and several crashworthiness features for optimised safety. Its bright cabin also boasts effective soundproofing, providing passengers with a quiet, safe and comfortable flight, while the landing skids mean the Trekker can take them almost anywhere, including mountains and unprepared sites.

AW109 GrandNew: Featuring a streamlined, stylish shape and interior elegance, the GrandNew is also equipped with advanced avionics. Its cabin can be arranged in a variety of configurations, ranging from a luxurious four-seat layout to a comfortable six-seat design. Wide sliding doors on both sides combine with electrically retractable steps to ensure easy access for all passengers, while the extended baggage compartment provides ample space for luggage.

AW139: The market leader in its class, the AW139 embodies elegance, style and sophistication and outperforms other intermediate helicopters in capability, speed and ride quality. Its large, unobstructed cabin can carry up to ten passengers in comfort and is easily accessible via an automatically deployed footstep. It also offers ample space for connectivity solutions, entertainment systems, dedicated workspace, a refreshment area and stowage. It is an ideal corporate helicopter, suited to direct city operations.

AW169: Characterised by elegance, style, comfort and sophistication, the AW169’s cabin easily accommodates up to eight passengers. It is designed for a relaxed flight with excellent soundproofing and an enhanced anti-vibration system. The AW169’s unique-in-class cabin management system allows passengers to access and play their favourite media on board in a bright and comfortable interior. A dual-zone air-conditioning system makes it possible to manage the cockpit and cabin temperatures independently. This is a perfect private or family aircraft for relaxed flying while on holiday or during leisure activities.

AW189: With the largest passenger cabin in its class, the AW189 accommodates up to 14 passengers in a spacious, relaxing environment. It can be equipped with lavish interior designs in which comfort, style and attention to detail deliver an unforgettable flight experience. Its class-leading speed and low internal vibration and noise provide exceptional passenger comfort. The AW189 is the industry benchmark for luxury transport.

AW609: Combining the speed, range and altitude capabilities of a fixed-wing turboprop with the vertical take-off and landing versatility of a helicopter, the revolutionary AW609 TiltRotor will redefine point-to-point transport. Capable of flying above bad weather thanks to its pressurised cabin, the AW609 will move passengers in comfort and style. It will also maximise personal time by providing the quickest, most direct method of travel over distances up to 500nm.