Jormac introduces carbon fibre technology

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 Steve Jourdenais, President and founder of Jormac Aerospace talks about the company’s use of the latest carbon fibre composites

Jormac Aerospace, headquartered in the Tampa, Florida area, has been engineering and building VIP and commercial interior products for over 20 years. Regarded as the industry leader in products such as lining systems, cabinetry, galleys, custom bins, hardware and much more, Jormac is proud to introduce and showcase its newest innovative products using carbon fibre composites.

Steve Jourdenais, President and founding partner, says: “Military and commercial aerospace manufacturers have been using carbon fibre for over 40 years because carbon fibre composites can be tailored for specific directional strengths and stiffnesses in applications that demand lightweight structure. At Jormac, we have always challenged our design, manufacturing, and flight sciences engineers to innovate and improve our products. They have answered the call with a wide variety of carbon fibre solutions for the increasingly demanding aircraft interiors market, both VIP and commercial.”

With the newer generation of fuel-efficient aircraft incorporating a much higher percentage of carbon fibre composites to reduce weight, the interiors of these aircraft must also look to carbon fibre composites to also be lightweight. As a result, Jormac’s team set out to design and manufacture carbon fibre structural elements that can be utilised in commercial and VIP interiors. Working with its customers, Jormac has developed carbon fibre composite interior lining systems, monuments, structural support elements, tie rods, and Jormac’s new interior structure system, called the ISS.

In 2015, Jormac and Associated Air Center partnered for the first carbon fibre lining system in a VIP A320. Using carbon fibre face sheets on standard nomex honeycomb core, significant weight savings of approximately thirty percent (30%) were achieved. With Jormac’s extensive tooling and manufacturing capability, virtually any lining panel contour can be manufactured from carbon fibre.

In addition to the lightweight carbon fibre lining panels, Jormac also offers carbon fibre tie rods in virtually any diameter and length, depending upon the application. The Jormac proprietary design and fabrication of these tie rods yields the highest strength to weight ratio available in the market today. As these next-generation carbon fibre aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus ACJ350, are outfitted with state-of-the-art interiors, the aggressive interior weight targets are more easily met using Jormac’s new carbon fibre solutions.

Jormac is also very excited to announce an undisclosed potential widebody project for a Boeing VIP 787 for 2017. This project would install the first carbon fibre ISS grid system, lining, tie-rods and miscellaneous interior components with estimated weight savings in excess of one thousand (1,000) pounds.

Jormac’s ISS grid system will be constructed using their proprietary Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process. Various structural cross sections have been developed and tooled to meet the demands of numerous installation configurations. Jormac has designed its carbon fibre extrusions utilising unique weave orientation which optimises the carbon fibre strength to weight properties, yielding a versatile and extremely lightweight solution.

Brian Barber, Jormac’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, remarks, “These products are only the beginning of what carbon fibre will be used for. We are anxious to showcase how our technology can be adapted to all aircraft models, not just the VIP market. We are looking to introduce these into OEM commercial platforms, OEM smaller business jets, and to all phases of cabin retrofits, as well as markets outside of aviation. We have already seen platforms where we estimate cabin reductions of up to fifteen hundred (1,500) pounds. The bottom line is that less weight equals more range, better fuel efficiency and less cost; who wouldn’t want that?”

Jormac is showcasing its products during the NBAA at booth # 2287. For more inquiries or information, contact Brian Barber, Vice President Sales & Marketing on 918-991-9900 or