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IBA launches new online trend intelligence service

IBA Group has launched its new online market intelligence and analysis platform IBA iQ Trends, for investors, lessors, airlines and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Unlike other static aviation and airline data sets, IBA iQ Trends combines key economic data and world events in real time, with historical, current and future values and lease rates for commercial aircraft and engines.

Overlaying live and historic data on oil prices, CPI, inflation, LIBOR rates, ISTAT defined values, currency and exchange rates, swap rates, fleet events and lease end dates means that IBA customers can extract customisable graphics to visualise the market, track economic conditions and trends and build a complete picture of trading liquidity from one online platform.

Understanding the impact of historical cycles in the aviation industry correlated with world events enables users of iQ Trends to view the current market and influences with an additional level of market intelligence.

Users can create interactive, up to date pictures of assets to inform strategic planning, predict likely market direction and test factors which could influence the value and successful management of their portfolios.

Dr Stuart Hatcher, Chief Operating Officer, IBA Group explains “We believe that the introduction of live market and economic data is a game changer.

IBA iQ Trends seamlessly integrates world and economic events with data on aircraft fleets, age analysis, values and lease rates, OEM production schedules and aircraft list.

When you also add in our own primary data and intelligence gathered from decades of undertaking appraisals, technical assessments, aircraft and engine valuations and fleet management, the iQ Trends platform offers our customers a user friendly platform to access IBA’s expertise and opinion on market performance, trends, risk and investment opportunities.