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IADA Welcomes Six New Companies as Products and Services Members

The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) has added six more companies to its verified Products and Services membership roster.

Harper Meyer LLP; Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A; Rolland Vincent Associates; Sunset Aviation Insurance; Four Corners Aviation and ACASS have joined IADA.

“We are thrilled to welcome these six new Products and Services companies to IADA,” said Wayne Starling, Executive Director of IADA.

“Their memberships will further expand IADA’s expertise and professionalism in preowned aircraft transactions.”

Like all of IADA’s Verified Products and Services members, they have been thoroughly vetted to assure adherence to the highest standards of ethical behavior and skilled aviation expertise.

The companies’ areas of aviation expertise and locations are listed here:

  • ACASSis a provider of customized support services for business aviation, including flight crew staffing, aircraft management, leasing, and charter, which is based in Montreal, Canada. Its website is https://acass.com.
  • Four Corners Aviationis a full-service aviation company that offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for private aviation and is based in Frisco, Tex. Its website is https://fourcornersaviation.com/.
  • Harper Meyer LLPis a law firm based in Houston, Texas, specializing in aviation law. Its website is https://harpermeyer.com.
  • Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.is a law firm based in Miami, Fla., with a focus on aviation law. Its website is https://qpwblaw.com.
  • Rolland Vincent Associatesis an aviation consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. Its website is https://rollandvincent.com.
  • Sunset Aviation Insuranceis an aviation insurance broker based in West Palm Beach, Fla. Its website is https://sunsetais.com.

IADA’s Products and Services members are companies whose primary focus is related to the support of an aircraft transactions.

The application process for Products and Services membership calls for companies to contact three IADA members to ask for their support as a sponsor.