Honeywell & Viasat prove fastest in-flight L-band connectivity with SwiftJet service

image credit: VIASAT

Honeywell and Viasat today announced the success of recent over-the-air and flight testing for SwiftJet, Viasat’s L-band connectivity service for the business aviation industry, enabled through a simple Honeywell terminal upgrade.

The testing successfully demonstrated four channel aggregation over Viasat’s satellites and radio access network (RAN) by using the Honeywell HD-710 multi-channel satellite communications solution to achieve stable, optimal data transmission speeds for Viasat’s SwiftJet service.

Throughout the testing period, performance was consistently robust and reliable, including through spot beam transitions that maximize the available frequency of satellite transmissions by concentrating a satellite signal over a limited geographic area on Earth.

SwiftJet met performance expectations both while in flight and while transitioning spot beams across the global footprint of Viasat’s L-band satellite network.

SwiftJet will enter commercial service later this year, offering seamless global coverage and ensuring passengers can stay connected with colleagues, friends and family wherever they fly.

Mark Goodman, Sr. Director of Product Management, Honeywell Aerospace said: “SwiftJet’s results represent a major leap forward for L-band connectivity.

“Honeywell and Viasat have now proven the technology from end-to-end across the satellite network, giving our customers confidence to proceed with SwiftJet commercial deployment and entry into service by the end of the year.

“Existing customers of Viasat’s SwiftBroadband connectivity service will benefit from SwiftJet’s advanced speeds by making an easy and straightforward upgrade to their existing Honeywell L-band terminal, without having to change any wiring or antenna hardware.”

Melinda Janda, Vice President of Business Aviation Commercial Strategy, Viasat said: “SwiftJet has rewritten the rules of what’s possible with L-band connectivity for business aviation.

“It has unlocked previously unachievable capabilities so passengers can stay in touch, in control and entertained, wherever they fly, from the busiest airspace to the most remote locations.

“We’re delighted with the results of recent testing, which proved we can even stream high-definition videos and conduct video calls.

“These positive results not only bring us one step closer to SwiftJet’s entry into service, but also underscore Viasat and Honeywell’s shared commitment to increase the capability of our customer’s hardware after they’ve invested in our solutions.”