Honda Aircraft Company delivers 250th HondaJet

Honda Aircraft Company today announced delivery of the 250th HondaJet since it began customer deliveries in late 2015.

The milestone underscores the aircraft’s prominence in the business aviation market.

The 250thHondaJet recently rolled off the production line and completed the Standard Certificate of Airworthiness (SCoA), and Honda Aircraft Company associates celebrated the milestone with a special event at the company’s global headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The HondaJet, which earned its type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2015, has been a game-changer in its class.

To date, the aircraft holds 14 type certifications around the world. Its progressive evolution, from the HondaJet (2015), to the HondaJet Elite (2018), the Elite S (2021), and the latest Elite II (2022), has consistently redefined the very light jet category.

Renowned for being the most fuel-efficient, fastest, highest, and farthest flying aircraft in its class, the growing fleet of the HondaJet is a testament to Honda Aircraft Company’s commitment to bringing new value to customers.

Hideto Yamasaki, Honda Aircraft Company President & CEO said, “The 250th delivery milestone is not just a number, but a narrative of our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation.

“We are grateful for the global recognition and trust that customers place in the HondaJet.

“We remain dedicated to advancing the aviation industry, continuously pushing the boundaries of skyward mobility to enhance joy and freedom for customers.”