Growth in OEM component capabilities increases demand for advanced technical support

Duncan Aviation’s Component Repair and Overhaul services have added five new Technical Representatives to meet the need for advanced technical support and training for accessories, avionics, and instrument services.

Duncan Aviation Component Tech Reps are some of the industry’s most experienced and highly respected experts in their field.

They use their talents and knowledge to advise, teach, and support customers, OEMs, and internal Duncan Aviation technicians.

In the last three years, Duncan Aviation has heavily invested in the Component Services Division, adding new capabilities and inventory to an already long list of component repair services. The company has added exclusive support for many OEM avionics and accessories units.

With these new authorizations, Duncan Aviation Components Services manages the repair and exchange capabilities, including quotes, AOG events, technical support, warranty claims, and maintenance contracts.

The increased capabilities and customer base have profoundly affected the demand for advanced technical support. Each Tech Rep, in their respective areas of expertise, identifies the test sets, tooling, and training necessary.

Below are the new Duncan Aviation Component Tech Reps.

Jarrod Bovard is an Avionics Instruments Tech Rep specializing in weather radar, HSI, and Flight Director indicators. He frequently is the liaison with OEMs to acquire appropriate documents and paperwork to perform specific repairs.

Josh Hull is an Accessories Tech Rep specializing in landing gear and hydraulics. He is instrumental in setting up new capabilities in the Accessories Shop in Provo, Utah.

Avionics Tech Rep Steve Krings has 41 years of experience troubleshooting aircraft autopilot instruments. He conducts technical training in the shop about how these systems work with the aircraft.

Scott Samuelson, Avionics Tech Rep, has 38 years at Duncan Aviation on the electronics bench, calibrations lab, training, and safety. His areas of expertise are Gyroscopes, NavCom, HSI Flight Director, and ELE.

He is the Duncan Aviation administrator of electronic training classes in partnership with Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Neb. He is instrumental in recruiting Component technicians.

Rod Walther is an Avionics Tech Rep with over 28 years on the NavCom and APT teams. His areas of expertise are NAV, Comm, FMS, HF, ELT, DME, Transponder, and Audio.