Geneva Airpark announce ‘top-notch results’

Geneva Airpark, the “5* residence for jets”, is continuing to soar with a 20% increase in its DAILY annual
turnover recorded in 2017.

These figures show a growth in the number of aircraft accommodated (+13% vs 2016), the number of
Daily reservations (+12% vs 2016) and the number of new customers acquired (+30% in 2017 vs 2016).

These statistics highlight two elements:
• The growing need for fundamental business aviation
services, at a time when the EBAA has announced that
“business aviation” traffic is steadily increasing at an average
of + 4.3% in Europe with an ovearall +12% at LSGG in 2017

• High levels of customer loyalty at Geneva Airpark, indicating
that the services offered are very much in line with business
aviation customer requirements.