FlyUSA unveils enhanced membership program to reward loyal customers

image credit: FlyUSA

FlyUSA has introduced its newly elevated membership program, the Ascend Club, which rewards loyal customers with a suite of exclusive benefits, including an industry-leading 2% cash-back rebate.

With unlimited destinations worldwide and a global network of FAA-Certified aircraft, FlyUSA can fly its discerning, jet-setting customers anywhere with any size plane desired.

The Ascend Club membership further unlocks a superior private aviation experience for clients, while rewarding them for traveling with FlyUSA.

FlyUSA Ascend Club members receive: Most notably, the 2% cash-back rebate, $1,000-per-flight discount at time of booking, A dedicated Ascend Club Travel Advisor, Guaranteed availability and recoveries, Priority booking on peak travel days and Up to an additional $250 in perks per flight.

Barry Shevlin, Co-Founder and CEO of FlyUSA says: “Our company and operations are growing.

“Our objective was to craft a membership program with distinct benefits that demonstrates that we understand our clients and what is important to them.

“A key differentiator is the 2% cash back that rewards customers for being loyal.

“While other programs keep clients at various tiers based on the size of their deposit, our program pays clients back. This is a unique approach, and the response to date has been overwhelmingly positive.”