FCG OPS opens Tallinn crew briefing facility

FCG OPS, part of the Flight Consulting Group, has opened a crew briefing facility at Tallinn International Airport, Estonia.

The Group’s third such facility, it includes a seating area, workspace with computer and printer, free Wi-Fi and kitchenette. Flight Consulting Group’s Riga FBO houses the other two briefing set-ups.

The company says the Tallinn location is part of a continuing effort to improve services. The number of branded crew rooms is scheduled to expand to five this year.

FCG OPS operates a modern aviation dispatch centre in Riga, alongside a ground handling agent. Tallinn Airport is one of 34 where FCG OPS provides ground handling services and has its own ramp agents. In 2018, the company saw a 35% increase in the number of flights it handled at the airfield.