FAA certifies Aviation Clean Air’s purification solution for multiple aircraft

Southern Aviation Parts and Services has received FAA certification for the installation of Aviation Clean Air’s (ACA) ionization system in the Gulfstream G450, GV, G550, G650 and G650ER aircraft.

The patent-pending air and surface purification system is the only proactive system that immediately improves interior air quality, killing pathogens and eliminating odors living throughout the environmental control system (ECS).

The ACA system is a proactive, natural purification process that produces no harmful ozone or chemicals and requires no scheduled maintenance or replacement of filters, as it is not a filter system.

Tom Davis, sales director for ACA, said: “Anyone who flies is well aware of the many germs, allergens and pathogens that are present in the interior of an aircraft. The ACA system removes the pathogens and improves air quality by eliminating annoying, offensive and noxious odors.”

ACA has Parts Manufacturer Authority (PMA) for the system, also holding the approved supplier status from Gulfstream. ACA Components have already been installed on foreign and US registered Gulfstream, Boeing and Airbus aircraft and work is in progress on other aircraft types.

Feature image: ACA Component purification system