FAA approves Constant Aviation corporatewide safety management system

Constant Aviation today announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recognized it as having a single, corporatewide Safety Management System (SMS), making it only the second maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) so designated.

Achieving FAA-Accepted Corporate SMS status means that Constant is operating under a single safety system companywide, which generally reduces safety risk and ranks it as a leader in business aviation maintenance safety.

“The improvements throughout our organization because of SMS implementation are clear, as evidenced by this latest recognition by the FAA,” said Constant Aviation Chief Executive Officer David H. Davies.

“This honor underscores that we are a leader in moving from a reactive safety culture to one that is highly proactive, continuously improving and dynamically driving safety organization-wide.”

SMS is the standard for safety programs in aviation worldwide.

Although SMS processes are optional for MROs such as Constant, they are seen as highly beneficial and frequently are requested by both domestic customers and foreign certificate holders.

Although the FAA only recently recognized Constant’s Corporate SMS program, the company has been operating with SMS processes since August 2018.

The FAA approval of Constant’s Corporate SMS status follows the attainment of previous safety management system landmarks during the past year:

During an FAA audit in December 2021, Constant Aviation demonstrated that its SMS system runs parallel between the Cleveland and Sanford facilities, thereby meeting the standard of a Corporate SMS Program.

It met such criteria as having a single accountable executive; maintaining a common database; having data reviewed and analyzed at the corporate level; having the capacity to identify and communicate hazards across all affected organizations; and having a common manual and documentation.

“Having two or more systems generally means maintaining multiple manuals, operating multiple databases and operating with less communication and coordination,” said Davies.

“The FAA understands that Safety Management Systems work best with priorities, resources and interaction fully aligned to maximize their effectiveness.

“We have worked to integrate our SMS across our entire company, and FAA acceptance of our Corporate SMS program is recognition of this at the highest level.”