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FAA Approves Concorde Battery Lead Acid Solution for Gulfstream GV and GV-SP Aircraft

Gulfstream GV and GV-SP operators now have an option to install highly reliable, low maintenance, sealed lead acid Concorde batteries using FAA approved STC ST01097DE.

The STC provides for installation of RG-380E/53L, 53 ampere-hour batteries using kit 5-0730.

The kit includes battery trays and hold down bars that work in conjunction with the existing mount to accommodate the footprint of the RG-380E/53L battery without modification to the aircraft. Kit 5-0730 also includes Gulfstream Charge Adaptors (P/N 9713) which connect to the aircraft side battery charger temperature sensing plugs.

These are used as part of the process of placing the chargers in TR Mode. The parts in the kit require a single installation and are reusable for the life of the installation.

This simple configuration provides for an easy retrofit.

The benefits of Concorde Battery installations realized by Gulfstream G350 and G450 operators for years are now available to GV and GV-SP operators including reduced battery cost per flight hour, simplified maintenance requirements, reliability and safety.

Concorde sealed lead acid batteries do not require deep cycling, water replenishment or temperature monitoring because there is no threat of thermal runaway.

They ship Hazmat Exempt and can be transported by land, air or sea without special provisions. Additionally, Concorde batteries are fully recyclable.

Concorde RG® batteries are 24.0 volt nominal voltage batteries. They can float directly on the DC buss without a special overcharge function.

The nominal voltage of the existing nickel cadmium batteries is 25.2 volts which requires a high charge voltage.

To prevent overcharging, the GV / GV-SP battery chargers are placed in TR Mode reducing the charge voltage to 27.75 volts.

Lower stabilized voltages after the “Initial Powerup Test” for the GV-SP are due to the difference in nominal voltage but this does not impact aircraft performance per type trials conducted. A small trade-off for the increased savings with Concorde.