Euro Jet celebrates 10 years at Schedulers and Dispatchers

Euro Jet, the leading provider of ground support services in Europe and Asia is pleased to be celebrating its 10th Anniversary at this year’s Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in Long Beach, California.

While at Schedulers and Dispatchers, Euro Jet will promote the support it is providing during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is hosted by Russia this year in 11 different locations. Euro Jet will be working with its carefully selected partners in each location, along with its own representatives on the ground to provide the most expedited and efficient service during what is expected to be a challenging event.

In addition to the World Cup, Euro Jet will also be promoting Behare Hallaqi-Dujaka, its new country manager for Albania and Kosovo along with Dalila Hasanbegovic, its new country manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Euro Jet continues to focus on setting up stations in challenging locations and ensuring that all customers are provided with the highest level of service.

Euro Jet will also be promoting a new hotel booking project, where it can at no additional charge secure customer hotel rooms using already discounted rates and prior preferences made by the customer. The purpose of the project is to allow for an easier time for booking hotel rooms, especially in private aviation, when schedules are constantly fluctuating.

Founded in 2008, every year Euro Jet has experienced record growth in the number of flights supported by a growing staff in its Prague based operations control center and teams on-the-ground in over 30 countries. These airports were all once a part of “the Eastern bloc” and since the fall of Communism in 1989 through the early 90s, their highly educated workers, untapped natural resources, and resort cities on the Adriatic and Black Sea, have become highly desirable locations for investment.

While keeping up with the heavy demand over the past 10 years, Euro Jet has heavily invested in expanding its operation and providing more facilities at airports throughout the region. At Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport, Euro Jet expanded their operation to include two VIP complimentary crew lounges, a hangar capable of storing multiple heavy jets, along with their own Mercedes Viano ramp car and lektro tug.

For ten years, the company has focused on having the best people in every location. The company has regional and Country Managers, and a very close-knit group of airport specific agents, who have come to know all the needs of each customer. All Euro Jet agents are local to the region, but speak fluent English and have extensive experience working at the airport.

Euro Jet was also one of the first international companies to participate in the NATA Safety First Program, having certified all its top team members in the program. Furthermore, all country managers and top agents gather multiple times during the year for continued training as maintaining the highest standards is of the utmost importance to the company.

According to their CEO Charlie Bodnar, “We have great partnerships with local airports throughout our core locations, which allows us to really get things done quickly and efficiently. Over the past 10 years, we have become a one stop shop for many private aviation companies looking for the right partner in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.”

Mr. Bodnar continues, “We have done everything we can to continuously enhance the Euro Jet experience. This has included opening up complimentary lounges and office space for the crews to utilize. Right now, we offer this service in Prague, Karlovy Vary, Tivat, Zagreb, Bucharest, and Poprad, a city located by Slovakia’s High Tatra Mountain Range. We also anticipate opening up new lounges and office space this year in Sofia, Warsaw, and Belgrade along with a newly renovated lounge in Zagreb.”

While the first ten years brought an increase in staff, clients, and a strong investment, the question is what will the next ten years bring. Says Mr. Bodnar, “We are ready for continued business expansion, and for the next 10 years we will work every day to ensure our customers continue to have the best experience possible.”

With its operations center based out of Prague, Czech Republic, Euro Jet provides the added service of supervisory agents that are based at nearly 200 airports in a geographic area that starts in the Czech Republic and covers the regions of the Balkans, Baltics, Belorussia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (or CIS as it more commonly known). Euro Jet can support nearly every aspect of a flight operation.

This includes coordinating all handling arrangements with the airport authority and or local handling company, organizing permits, setting-up fuel, fulfilling crew logistical needs that includes hotel and transportation, and assisting with VIP catering. Euro Jet also offers credit to qualifying customers.