EHang delivers 27 units of EH216-S to Wencheng County


EHang Holdings Limited announced it has received full payment for the initial batch of 30 units of EH216-S passenger-carrying pilotless aircraft and has delivered 27 units to Wencheng County Transportation Development Group Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

On June 22, the EH216-S pilotless electric vertical takeoff and landing (“eVTOL”) aircraft completed its passenger-carrying debut flight in Wencheng, marking the launch of the cultural tourism initiative of “Low-Altitude Tourism in Wencheng”.

During the flight event, EH216-S carried multiple passengers for a low-altitude sightseeing tour over the renowned Tianding Lake at the Baizhangji Fall & Feiyun Lake Scenic Resort, a location offering breathtaking views of Wencheng’s natural beauty.

A dedicated takeoff and landing site and supporting amenities for the EH216-S has been basically established at the Scenic Resort.

The UAM operation center and supporting infrastructure will be gradually established in other areas in Wencheng as preparation for launching EH216-S aerial sightseeing services and a benchmark for low-altitude cultural tourism.

EHang Delivers 27 Units of EH216-S to Wencheng County and Completes First Passenger-Carrying Flight in Wencheng
EH216-S passenger-carrying debut flight in Wencheng

According to the cooperation agreement between EHang and the Wencheng County Government, both parties will jointly develop UAM and supporting public service ecosystem for the low-altitude economy and explore various low-altitude commercial operations for tourism, transportation, logistics, emergency response, and other scenarios, thereby generating a combined effect in low-altitude economy.

Wencheng County plans to set up aerial sightseeing routes in scenic attractions such as Tianding Lake and Baizhangji Fall within this year and to launch pilotless eVTOL aerial sightseeing services.

Mr. Zhaozheng Luo, Secretary of Wencheng County Government, remarked, “This year marks an important beginning of Wencheng’s low-altitude economy development.

“Wencheng will fully leverage its advantages, including its clean airspace, rich terrain, and unique locations, to vigorously develop the low-altitude economy.

“By innovating with this emerging industry, we will jointly explore new business models with EHang, accelerating the integration ecosystem of low-altitude applications, scenic attractions and the local culture.

“Bringing low-altitude scenarios forward to flourish across Wencheng will nurture low-altitude industries, empower diverse business models, and refine low-altitude service management for efficiency and safety.

“By achieving these goals, Wencheng aims to become a demonstration county for high-quality low-altitude economy development, contributing to Wenzhou’s goal of reaching the GDP of over RMB1 trillion and a resident population of over RMB10 million, and Zhejiang’s vision of becoming a pioneering civil aviation province.”

Mr. Zhao Wang, Chief Operating Officer of EHang, stated, “Following the obtainment of the Type Certificate, Standard Airworthiness Certificate and Production Certificate for our EH216-S, we’ve received a surge in bulk orders from customers and partners globally, which is a testament of the market recognition of our innovative pilotless eVTOL products and solutions, as well as the robust demand for UAM and low-altitude economy development worldwide.

“With the deliveries for the initial batch of orders to Wencheng and the local debut flight of the EH216-S, we will join with Wencheng to establish a benchmark for low-altitude economy operations in Zhejiang Province, driving the growth of the industry in the East China region and promoting the widespread adoption of the new productivity enabled by pilotless eVTOLs.”